Social Media Week Is (Almost) Here!

It’s my favorite month of the year. It’s my birthday, AND it’s SOCIAL MEDIA WEEK!

If you know me at all, you know I’m a social butterfly so any chance I can get involved in my favorite hobby, being a chatty Cathy with other likeminded people- I’m in.

Now there’s a whole week DEDICATED to my favorite thing. It’s quite an awesome birthday present if you ask me (if you’re here, you’re asking).

My favorite part of my favorite week during my favorite month? The parties. Was that really a question?

My friends at Pop17 are throwing one of the biggest and the best to launch Pop 17 Live. Whether you’re in the San Francisco area or want to participate from the comfort of your couch, you can. Here are the details:

Bamm.TV Studios, San Francisco

43 Norfolk Street
San Francisco, CA
6pm- 11pm
RSVP Here:

Consider it my virtual birthday party.

Connecting Causes: How One Tweet Got Rock(ed) For Hunger by Pop17

Have you ever had a chance conversation on Twitter (or anywhere for that matter) that turned into a bigger opportunity?

I was chatting with @JoshChandler recently about the expense of conferences, or more specifically, the expense of boarding my dogs and how insane it is. It actually cost more for my dogs to stay in a 6×6 crate then it did for me to stay in a rather large room in Las Vegas. Oh well, better luck at the roulette table next time right?

Since I was talking to an actual person, not a bot follower or spammer, I checked out Josh’s profile to find out who I was talking to and noticed we had a common interest which I think many can relate to, supporting non-profits. Josh is a volunteer at Barnardos,  ‘a children’s charity that runs 415 projects in the UK and works with over 100,000 families to help turn around the lives of vulnerable children.’

I’m looking for new non-profits to work with for SocialGood.TV outside of the Orlando area and asked Josh about Barnardos. Turns out, Josh is also a featured writer for Pop17. Unbeknownst to me and very kindly of him, he had also done a little research and found the very first SocialGood.TV episode about Rock for Hunger.

More about the new direction of SocialGood.TV later, but for now, enjoy Pop17’s coverage of all things charity, and in this case, Orlando non-profit Rock For Hunger via this post: