Weekend Link Love

Since most of you are hopefully out and about and not sitting around waiting for new blog posts to come through, I’ll share my favorite feel good stories of the week. I’ll also throw in some social awareness stuff in case you want to contribute your own good vibe.


Southwest Airlines Pilot Holds Plane for Murder Victim’s Family

Panera Bread Foundation Opens Panera Cares Community Cafe

Dog Abandon In NYC Snowstorm Finds a Home

Grant To Turn Evans High Into Major Community Hub

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What It’s Like to Be A Homeless Mother

Recession Created An ‘Epidemic’ of Homeless Families

What Haiti Needs Most, One Year Post-Quake

The Pound For Pound Challenge: Losing Weight To Help Local Food Banks

Walk Across America For Troops

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Connecting Causes: How One Tweet Got Rock(ed) For Hunger by Pop17

Have you ever had a chance conversation on Twitter (or anywhere for that matter) that turned into a bigger opportunity?

I was chatting with @JoshChandler recently about the expense of conferences, or more specifically, the expense of boarding my dogs and how insane it is. It actually cost more for my dogs to stay in a 6×6 crate then it did for me to stay in a rather large room in Las Vegas. Oh well, better luck at the roulette table next time right?

Since I was talking to an actual person, not a bot follower or spammer, I checked out Josh’s profile to find out who I was talking to and noticed we had a common interest which I think many can relate to, supporting non-profits. Josh is a volunteer at Barnardos,  ‘a children’s charity that runs 415 projects in the UK and works with over 100,000 families to help turn around the lives of vulnerable children.’

I’m looking for new non-profits to work with for SocialGood.TV outside of the Orlando area and asked Josh about Barnardos. Turns out, Josh is also a featured writer for Pop17. Unbeknownst to me and very kindly of him, he had also done a little research and found the very first SocialGood.TV episode about Rock for Hunger.

More about the new direction of SocialGood.TV later, but for now, enjoy Pop17’s coverage of all things charity, and in this case, Orlando non-profit Rock For Hunger via this post: http://pop17.com/rock-for-hunger-non-profit-providing-meals-to-those-in-poverty-in-florida/.

Orlando Food and Wine Festival

I missed out on EPCOT’s Food and Wine Fest this year due to my insane travel schedule, but luckily, the lushes at Lake Eola have provided me with a second (more economical) opportunity to stuff my face and get tipsy.

I’ll be heading downtown two days in a row (the weekend pass was only $15) to get my festival on with my buddies including Orlando expert Ashley Edwards, social media maven & lady baller Colleen Burns , KnowCancer founder (forum for those affected by cancer) and amazing online entrepreneur Ben Rudnick, web design and video master James Pero, search superstar Claudia Espejo and hopefully a few others. Between the group of us, we can start a social media army. Now THERE’S an idea.

I really love the local events scene, it’s a nice change of pace from the theme park tragedy that is Lake Buena Vista. I’ve missed out on some great concerts, comedians, and annual theme park passes to check out some smaller, lesser known festivals near me. It’s (almost) always worth it to take a risk and try something new. EPCOT’s not going anywhere any time soon. If any other Orlando locals want to share their knowledge of upcoming activities, I’d love to hear about it. I usually take my recommendations from the Pulse of Central Florida, but I’d love to get some additional thoughts on what’s new in central Florida. Besides, Ashley’s out of town until Friday. So speak up!!!