A Public Service Announcement About Astrological A—oles

Just because I like supporting good causes does not mean every post will be about them. That’s what SocialGood.TV is for. In this case, however, I do feel that while not an actual supported ’cause’, I’m still doing a public service by helping you all out here.

Allow me to be your digital ‘Dionne Warwick’ for just a minute. Here’s your horoscope:

The same things will continue happening to you, no matter what, if you don’t change. Not if your ‘sign’ changes, but Y-O-U.

The stars may have shifted, the calendars may have adjusted to incorporate a new sign (in case you’re in the dark about that somehow, refer here: Live Science ) but you are still you.

CRAZY RIGHT?! How can you still be you if you went from being an Aries to a Ohcrapicus or whatever you may ‘now’ be. Oops, I almost forgot, YOU HAVEN’T! You are still whatever sign you were yesterday and 20 years before that. Current astrological signs have not changed. Haven’t heard about that either? Click below:

CBS Article

Local Source – The Phoenix New Times

CNN Article

So what does it all mean?! It means keep doing what you were doing. If you didn’t like what you were doing, then do something else! The stars have not aligned to suddenly make you Shakira when you dance like Urkel and sing like William Hung (complete aside, how IS that guy making money singing?! I’m convinced the apocalypse is coming. New PSA to come? Nah, probably not.). Sorry to disappoint, but it’s true.

Don’t think I’m only giving you this advice, I’m also taking it to heart. Due to unfortunate circumstances that I’m 100% convinced my astrological sign had everything to do with (sarcasm), I’m stuck in Scottsdale. I’m not in Orlando, NY, LA, or anywhere else I previously lived or aimed to be. I’m here. In the desert. And I hate it. And I’ve been whining about it- a lot. And I’ve been using the word ‘and’ to begin sentences, despite what my grammar school teachers tried to tell me. I call it my rebellious Aquarius nature.

Sorry, back to task. The point is I DON’T want to be here and have no plans to stay here longer then I have to but right now I HAVE TO. So what am I going to do about it? I’m going to work on my blog, SocialGood.TV and my consulting work harder now than ever before. I’m taking what I’ve got and eventually, slowly but surely, making it what I want.

You! Over there reading/skimming this! Do the same thing! If you hate your situation, relationship, life, socialization skills, whatever- change them! It’s not going to happen overnight and you don’t need a 10 year plan or a motivational book to make the impact you want. If those things help you, great, but they’re not mandatory. TRUST ME! So ignore the ‘signs’ and listen to THE SIGNS! They’re out there and they’re saying ‘it may be a really terrible situation you’re in right now, BUT _____________’. Fill in the blank. NOW!