Online Bachelor Auction

What is an online bachelor auction, you ask?

Have you ever been to one of those events in person? Single guys and ladies volunteer a few hours of their time to support a good cause. Their time gets auctioned off in the form of a date with the highest bidder. Not only do you get to have some fun meeting some new, very cool, charitable (and good looking) people, but you also are charitable (and hopefully cool and good looking).

If you’re still confused, watch this helpful volunteer video from my friends at

How can you get involved?

I’m looking for single guys (or girls)! If you tried looking for love online and in bars and it’s just not working out, why not try something new to support an excellent cause? If you have a friend who —- and —- about being single you want to help out, why not buy them a nice, shiny, sexy Valentine’s Day gift? If you want to support your friends for doing a good thing for the community, why not?

How is it done online?

Bachelors in several major cities are stepping up to be auctioned off. So far I’ve got a few in NY, Orlando, Miami, and LA. You can bid on your favorite in your city- unless you really want to make a vacation of it- and all the proceeds will go to AMGB – to help them with their fundraising for the 2011 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

You’ll submit your bids over a 2 week time period for the bachelors in your corresponding city. The highest bid wins the date (individual date plans to be announced).

If you want more information or would like to get involved, email charitybachelor Trust me, it’s going to be fun, so you’ll want to get involved!

SocialGood.TV Looking for Guest Hosts

I’m bringing SocialGood.TV back but I need your help. SocialGood.TV was created to highlight new, noteworthy volunteer opportunities across the country. The goal is to promote social activism and show the community how easy it is to get involved. While I intended on volunteering and posting once a week myself, some personal issues have limited my ability to do that. I still want to get the word out, though.

I’m looking for people to get involved within their community and video tape their volunteer experiences with the permission of the non-profit organization. I want you to walk me through a typical day of volunteering, whether it’s hammering out a home for Habitat for Humanity or getting signatures on a petition for homeless benefits.

If you’re currently a volunteer at a great non-profit you think could use more exposure, I want to talk to you.

If you’re thinking of getting more involved in charity work and are (or aren’t) sure how, I want to talk to you.

If you ARE a non-profit that has some rockstar volunteers willing to get the work out about your cause, I want to talk to you.

If you like to share your experiences with the general online viewing public and also fit one of the descriptions above, I DEFINITELY want to talk to you.

Shoot me an email at or leave a comment here. Let’s talk.

Weekend Link Love

Since most of you are hopefully out and about and not sitting around waiting for new blog posts to come through, I’ll share my favorite feel good stories of the week. I’ll also throw in some social awareness stuff in case you want to contribute your own good vibe.


Southwest Airlines Pilot Holds Plane for Murder Victim’s Family

Panera Bread Foundation Opens Panera Cares Community Cafe

Dog Abandon In NYC Snowstorm Finds a Home

Grant To Turn Evans High Into Major Community Hub

Thanks to @Coop56 @GNNGoodNewsNow @SarcasticDoug @Alyssa_Milano @CHSHeather for sharing & @elliottdotorg @NYCScout @OrlandoSentinel for posting


What It’s Like to Be A Homeless Mother

Recession Created An ‘Epidemic’ of Homeless Families

What Haiti Needs Most, One Year Post-Quake

The Pound For Pound Challenge: Losing Weight To Help Local Food Banks

Walk Across America For Troops

Thanks to @seanomore @RFBO @KimLutzke for sharing & @change @HikeAmerica @USAToday @OrlandoSentinel & Orlando Union Rescue Mission for posting

Connecting Causes: How One Tweet Got Rock(ed) For Hunger by Pop17

Have you ever had a chance conversation on Twitter (or anywhere for that matter) that turned into a bigger opportunity?

I was chatting with @JoshChandler recently about the expense of conferences, or more specifically, the expense of boarding my dogs and how insane it is. It actually cost more for my dogs to stay in a 6×6 crate then it did for me to stay in a rather large room in Las Vegas. Oh well, better luck at the roulette table next time right?

Since I was talking to an actual person, not a bot follower or spammer, I checked out Josh’s profile to find out who I was talking to and noticed we had a common interest which I think many can relate to, supporting non-profits. Josh is a volunteer at Barnardos,  ‘a children’s charity that runs 415 projects in the UK and works with over 100,000 families to help turn around the lives of vulnerable children.’

I’m looking for new non-profits to work with for SocialGood.TV outside of the Orlando area and asked Josh about Barnardos. Turns out, Josh is also a featured writer for Pop17. Unbeknownst to me and very kindly of him, he had also done a little research and found the very first SocialGood.TV episode about Rock for Hunger.

More about the new direction of SocialGood.TV later, but for now, enjoy Pop17’s coverage of all things charity, and in this case, Orlando non-profit Rock For Hunger via this post: