A Public Service Announcement About Astrological A—oles

Just because I like supporting good causes does not mean every post will be about them. That’s what SocialGood.TV is for. In this case, however, I do feel that while not an actual supported ’cause’, I’m still doing a public service by helping you all out here.

Allow me to be your digital ‘Dionne Warwick’ for just a minute. Here’s your horoscope:

The same things will continue happening to you, no matter what, if you don’t change. Not if your ‘sign’ changes, but Y-O-U.

The stars may have shifted, the calendars may have adjusted to incorporate a new sign (in case you’re in the dark about that somehow, refer here: Live Science ) but you are still you.

CRAZY RIGHT?! How can you still be you if you went from being an Aries to a Ohcrapicus or whatever you may ‘now’ be. Oops, I almost forgot, YOU HAVEN’T! You are still whatever sign you were yesterday and 20 years before that. Current astrological signs have not changed. Haven’t heard about that either? Click below:

CBS Article

Local Source – The Phoenix New Times

CNN Article

So what does it all mean?! It means keep doing what you were doing. If you didn’t like what you were doing, then do something else! The stars have not aligned to suddenly make you Shakira when you dance like Urkel and sing like William Hung (complete aside, how IS that guy making money singing?! I’m convinced the apocalypse is coming. New PSA to come? Nah, probably not.). Sorry to disappoint, but it’s true.

Don’t think I’m only giving you this advice, I’m also taking it to heart. Due to unfortunate circumstances that I’m 100% convinced my astrological sign had everything to do with (sarcasm), I’m stuck in Scottsdale. I’m not in Orlando, NY, LA, or anywhere else I previously lived or aimed to be. I’m here. In the desert. And I hate it. And I’ve been whining about it- a lot. And I’ve been using the word ‘and’ to begin sentences, despite what my grammar school teachers tried to tell me. I call it my rebellious Aquarius nature.

Sorry, back to task. The point is I DON’T want to be here and have no plans to stay here longer then I have to but right now I HAVE TO. So what am I going to do about it? I’m going to work on my blog, SocialGood.TV and my consulting work harder now than ever before. I’m taking what I’ve got and eventually, slowly but surely, making it what I want.

You! Over there reading/skimming this! Do the same thing! If you hate your situation, relationship, life, socialization skills, whatever- change them! It’s not going to happen overnight and you don’t need a 10 year plan or a motivational book to make the impact you want. If those things help you, great, but they’re not mandatory. TRUST ME! So ignore the ‘signs’ and listen to THE SIGNS! They’re out there and they’re saying ‘it may be a really terrible situation you’re in right now, BUT _____________’. Fill in the blank. NOW!



My First Project: Social Vibe

One of the features WordPress allows is a widget called Social Vibe. For someone looking to make a positive impact, it’s an easy way to connect with causes and brands.

Users can pick the non-profit they want to support. This month, my blog is supporting ‘One Laptop Per Child‘ program through Laptop.org. A rather appropriate way, I think, for someone in the social good space to give back to the community.

What does One Laptop Per Child do? Provides functional laptops to underpriviledged children to aid in their education.

How does the SocialVibe widget help? Bloggers and readers can participate in a variety of free activities (typically short surveys) from branded sponsors. The sponsors get brand recognition being a part of the network, the non-profits get donations from the brands, and the participants get a good feeling knowing they helped out a child, animal, human, etc. in need.

What are YOU doing to help? Each month this year I’ll change out the cause I support using the Social Vibe widget. At the end of the year, the cause that’s received the most support will be a permanent fixture here. So get to helping! Click on Social Vibe box on the bottom right (you may have to scroll down a bit) to get started.

Homeless in NYC – A Dog’s Tale

Wanted: A New Best Friend For The Dog That Survived the NYC Snow Storm

UPDATE: This little girl has found a family! Click the link above if you want further updates, and thank you all for getting involved!

Dog left to die in NYC snowstorm needs a home. If you can’t adopt her, spread the word. You just might know someone who knows someone who can save this little girl’s life. If you think you have a home for her, email nycscout@gmail.com.

Thanks to ScoutingNY (@NYCScout) for posting, and to @Alyssa_Milano & @SarcasticDoug for bringing her to my attention.

Connecting Causes: How One Tweet Got Rock(ed) For Hunger by Pop17

Have you ever had a chance conversation on Twitter (or anywhere for that matter) that turned into a bigger opportunity?

I was chatting with @JoshChandler recently about the expense of conferences, or more specifically, the expense of boarding my dogs and how insane it is. It actually cost more for my dogs to stay in a 6×6 crate then it did for me to stay in a rather large room in Las Vegas. Oh well, better luck at the roulette table next time right?

Since I was talking to an actual person, not a bot follower or spammer, I checked out Josh’s profile to find out who I was talking to and noticed we had a common interest which I think many can relate to, supporting non-profits. Josh is a volunteer at Barnardos,  ‘a children’s charity that runs 415 projects in the UK and works with over 100,000 families to help turn around the lives of vulnerable children.’

I’m looking for new non-profits to work with for SocialGood.TV outside of the Orlando area and asked Josh about Barnardos. Turns out, Josh is also a featured writer for Pop17. Unbeknownst to me and very kindly of him, he had also done a little research and found the very first SocialGood.TV episode about Rock for Hunger.

More about the new direction of SocialGood.TV later, but for now, enjoy Pop17’s coverage of all things charity, and in this case, Orlando non-profit Rock For Hunger via this post: http://pop17.com/rock-for-hunger-non-profit-providing-meals-to-those-in-poverty-in-florida/.

I’m Back (Kinda Sorta)

It’s been awhile huh? As you can see, I was not keeping the blog up to date at all, but then again, it’s been quite a roller coaster of a year.

Now that 2011 is here, I’m *hoping* all the bad voodoo has been reset and nothing but good will come this year. Here’s hoping, right?

More on the ‘voodoo’ to come at a later date, but I will be making a concerted effort to post more about other stuff including a few new projects in the works.


Happy belated new year!

Adopt a Troop: The Operation Shoebox story

I’m a huge fan of helping others when I can. I donate free marketing advice, but honestly, most people in need don’t need marketing- they need action. So on a recent trip to take my dog to the vet, I came across a flyer in their office for Operation Shoebox and was intrigued.

For those who aren’t familiar with the organization, Operation Shoebox sends care packages and gifts to active troops to spread good vibes and provide essentials that are on short supply. You can either make a one time donation that will go to an anonymous troop (a troop is a soldier in this case), or you can adopt a troop for the duration of their tour. The timing is perfect, with the holidays right around the corner and for me personally, being in a place where I’m trying to find a good fit in all things (professional, personal, charitable).

In addition to working with a group of local (and national) internet marketers, bloggers, and social media peeps to put together packages for 50 troops, I’ve adopted three soldiers of my own to support. Lucky for me, I’ve met some amazing people throughout my online marketing journey who are willing to lend support and sponsorship. While the deadline is still a few weeks away, I’ve already gotten word from the following amazing companies that they’d like to be involved:

  • XShot (particularly Michael): Before I could even finish the please on my sentence, Michael jumped on board with a wonderful gift- 50 XShots for our troops! For those not in the know, XShots are extendable camera attachments for both digital and video cams that allow you to record and take photos of yourself. For those with horrible self-portrait skills like me, or with short arms like…well, me too, these things are GREAT and easy to use. You can pick one up here (NOT an affiliate link, just lots of love): http://xshotpix.com/buy-now.php.


  • Pingo (thanks to Brian): An inconvenient expense for our soldiers is communication. While they have access to the Internet, wouldn’t you rather hear your loved one’s voice sometimes? Pingo is making that possible with a donation of 200 (yes, TWO HUNDRED) international calling cards for our troops to use. They also have great deals if you want to pick up a card for your upcoming travels, or to donate in addition for Operation Shoebox. Thank you again to Brian Hawkins and the friendly Pingo.com crew!


  • BenSpark.com family: As if they haven’t done enough for me, Drew, Allison, and Eva Bennett are bringing smiles on a daily basis. In addition to providing some essential social media insights and entertaining blog posts, the Bennett family has become part of my own family with their warmth, love, support, and kindness. Their kid is pretty darn cute, too (the only one with her own hashtag, #Evaboo)! Drew and Allison are so modest, the site ImNotAFamousBlogger.com is run by Drew and should really be renamed as he is one of the top bloggers in the industry. Allison also covers her journeys and lends her social media and blogging talents to SocialSparky.com, as well as being a tradeshow spokesmodel for BenSpark.com and IZEA. Thanks for essentials for the troops, guys!


  • ChattyGal: Deb Schroeder is a force to be reckoned with. She stormed onto the blogging scene this year, kicking !@# and taking names in a video contest for a trip to Blogworld. ChattyGal covers everything from health and beauty to tech tools, all in a fun, conversational manner. ChattyGal’s friendly demeanor has also won the hearts of sponsors who have added some much needed supplies to our care packages. Thanks to ChattyGal Deb, and Tim- who runs an insanely educational blog and design forum, by the way!


  • Quaker/ Gatorade: I know absolutely no one personally at Quaker, but they have hundreds of delicious products that are convenient for shipping purposes, staying fresh for the journey overseas. I sent an email with little to no hope of getting a positive response (most companies are cutting back on all donations), but got an almost immediate answer- and it was wonderful news! Quaker is donating several Gatorade vouchers for troops to use at their retail stations. Not only did this make it easier for our packagers (bottles aren’t too compact), but it will be a relief for our soldiers as well- now they can choose their flavors and product type. Thank you again to the team at Quaker and Gatorade for the ridiculously fast, extremely supportive feedback.


I’ll be adding more information on our sponsors as they are confirmed. If you’d like to get involved with Operation Shoebox, leave a comment below and I’d be happy to help you adopt a troop or get care packages together.

What’s With the Free !@#$ Newbie?!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell me about it. I know- it’s a no no. Rockin a wordpress original template. Me?!

Well you know what I’ve got to say to your unspoken thought? GET OVER IT! This is only temporary. I’m working on a design, and an official site, and about 132,003 other tasks, so I promise I won’t hurt your virgin eyes too much longer with my faux pas. This blog is about content anyway, so be happy with the pretty little words and expect big changes soon(ish).

If you’ve stumbled here some how, it’s probably because you know me- in which case, you don’t care if I wrote my post on a paper bag, twitpic’d it, and social mediaized it for all time. If for some reason, you don’t know me though, you’re just going to have to trust me. Or stop visiting. OK, fine, don’t do that, I’ll still be posting regularly. I’m a master of many things, but design is not one of them, so you’re going to have to wait.

Thank you for your patience!

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