My Four-Legged Family

TeddySince they’ve never formally been introduced, meet my dogs.

This is Teddy also known as Monkey for his ability to jump across rooms and swing from rope toys- a yorkie, possibly also part schnauzer, I rescued him from a puppy mill! Not personally, but that’s where he came from. He loves puppy play time, and eventually I will organize a doggie tweetup (don’t laugh…fine, you’re doing it anyway aren’t you?) on his behalf. Just don’t bring any kids or bikes- for some reason, he’s not a fan.


Meet Reese aka the Monster. She’s a beagle-something-something-something mix. Your guess is as good as mine. Pointer? Great Dane? Moose? I don’t know, but all 60 lbs of her are super cute- even after the vet assured me she wouldn’t be bigger then 20-30 lbs. Oops- doesn’t matter. Even though she eats my shoes, walls, clothes, her own toys, books, magazines, food, roommate, pillows, furniture, and everything in between, she is such a sweetheart.

Rosie and DaisyLast but not least, my first two puppy loves, Rosie (left and named after the Jetson’s character) and Daisy (right). My family refers to them as my ‘sisters’ which is pretty insulting for all parties, but at least they’re cute…so it’s kind of a compliment. Right?

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